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Post your questions here and they will be answered.

Q: I cant draw Keron's well, and I dont want the drawing to look so bad for the wikia what can I do?
A: Atlanta-Hammy: Easy, ask someone here on the list to draw you a picture of ya oc here:…

Q: Do the names actually have to mean something, or just have Japanese characters?
A: Atlanta-Hammy: Well it could be both being a name always means something, for example my name is Atlanta and Atlanta is both Latin and Greek for "Balanced" the Japanese katakana I'll just add onto the page even if you dont add it being most keron names are in katakana characters.

Q: I read the rules on the main page about page info, and that got me asking this after a few questions. "Is it alright to do fan relatives of the canon?" Because there are other pages that have an orikero with a relative link to one of canon characters, and I just keep thinking "Uh... Should I metion the others as their siblings if I put a character like that up?" Because I have an Orikero that's daughter of Keroro.
A: Atlanta-Hammy: Yes it's fine, but some people will frown upon it being they dont think oc's should be related to canon's in any way which is a wee bit ridiculous. I two also have characters that are Keroro's children, two twin girls, and a son, if you look at Atlanta's page and go down to "future" you'll see Atlanta and Giroro have children.

Q: How do I add a character box and add info and such to the page? I dont know HTML
A: Atlanta-Hammy: read both of these in both the image and artist description: read both of these in both the image and artist description:… +…


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